Time is money, but money can’t buy happiness –

So spend your time being happy. These were the only thoughts crossing my mind as I was picking raspberries in a field 30 minutes from my home, at $4/pint. Sure, I could’ve driven to Trader Joe’s (which I love), but where would the fun be? As I was picking the berries, I could only think of all the fun things to do with them! Before the night was over, I had already made Raspberry Coulis and a Raspberry-Red Wine Sauce [alcohol-free, of course]. After I obtain some pears, I plan to make all sorts of other jams and process them (in a canner). Yes, it takes more time than going to the store, but where would the fun be?

How to make brown sugar

I seem to always have a plethora of granulated sugar in my house (probably because I can buy a 25 lb. bag for $9 at Costco), but brown sugar – that’s another story! I seem to always be running out of it. And brown sugar definitely has it’s place. It bakes up a moister cookie, makes for great pan sauces, and even a touch of it sweetens up some spicy dishes. So, what exactly is the difference between “white” and “brown” sugar. Molasses. A little too easy, huh?

Molasses seems to be that pantry ingredient that was purchased for a holiday gingerbread recipe, then scooted to the back of the pantry. You certainly don’t want to throw it away, as you know you’ll eventually make that recipe again, but what to do with it? Well, now you have a use! Instead of making a run to the grocery store when you want to bake Aunt Sally’s favorite cookies, mix up some granulated sugar and molasses to replace your brown sugar and you’re ready to go.

I really like finding excuses to not have so much food in the pantry, when easy substitutions can be made like this. Then there’s more room for great kitchen toys. :D

Light brown sugar = one cup granulated sugar + one tablespoon mild molasses

Dark brown sugar = one cup granulated sugar + two tablespoons mild molasses

Unless you are mixing up a large batch to store in an air-tight container, using your fingers will work best for small amounts. In the case of large amounts, I suggest using your counter or hand mixer. Enjoy!

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