How to store cookies

Cookie jars are the gift to everyone’s kitchen–especially when they’re loaded with yummy cookies! Unfortunately, incorrectly-stored cookies will turn into dry, crispy cookies. All too soon are gone the nice, chewy cookies if cookies are tossed in the jar, with no afterthough! Careful steps will help you preserve those cookies for two to three days, depending how many hungry tummies there are in your house. So, follow a few simple steps and enjoy your cookies again and again!

  • Place cookies in ziplock baggie
  • Add a tiny piece of bread to help keep moist
  • If you want cookie served warm, microwave five seconds
  • Store in freezer for more than two-three days lasting

Caca! Me no likey! :(

Ah, the rants of children and adults alike when certain dishes are placed in front of them at restaurants, homes, or the houses of guests. But, I propose to you that you, in fact, do not care for this particular preparation of the dish, not the dish as a whole.

Growing up, I detested salad! I loathed the junk. As I matured along with my tastes buds, what I allowed myself to learn (by trying different methods) is that I, in fact, adore salad!! What I have learned is that I don’t care for (at all!) iceberg lettuce or ranch dressing. But, I am head-over-heels obsessed with spinach and all bitter greens. Love them! When combined with spiced nuts, blue cheese and fresh apples—a salad worth eating has appeared!

Most people I know hate peas! But, they’re idea of peas are: 1. Open freezer and dump peas in bowl. 2. Microwave. 3. Eat. Sheesh! I’d hate peas to! But, I propose to brown some diced shallots and one minced clove of garlic in some EVOO and add the frozen peas. Sauté for a few minutes, add some heavy cream, bring to boil, the remove from eat. Now, who can tell me they don’t like peas, now??

So, here’s the point: learn to cook! :) But, on a more basic level, try new things with once-hated ingredients. You never know–it could become your new favorite dish!

Fresh versus dried spices

So many herbs – so little thyme. When recipes call for fresh herbs and spices, if you can afford them, use them, by all means! If your budget is a little tighter and you need to stick with dried herbs, take a few tips to heart to help step-up your dishes.


  1. Use high quality herbs. I suggest Penzey’s; I’d be surprised if there isn’t one near you!
  2. Keep them in the freezer!! Really. The freezer will prolong their life–big time! If your herbs and spices are over six months aged, chuck them!
  3. Don’t buy those large “spice wheels” of pre-determined spices. First off, who knows how long they’ve been on the shelf, nonetheless their quality. But, usually, they’re full of [stale] spices that you’ll never use, anyhow. By the time you do get around to using them, they’ll have gone bad anyway.
  4. Use approximately 1/3 dried as a recipe calls for fresh. FYI: 1 Tablespoon = 3 teaspoons
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